Release Notes

Titanium Mobile 2.0.2.GA - 5/31/2012


About This Release

Titanium Mobile SDK Release 2.0.2 is a service pack release of the Titanium Mobile SDK, including bug fixes for high-priority issues occurring in Release 2.0.1. This includes fixes for Android and iOS, and fixes for the Ti.Cloud and Ti.CloudPush module. It does not include any changes for the Mobile Web platform.

Full list of Issues that were addressed in Release 2.0.2

New in This Relase

In this release, the Android platform is built using the Android NDK, Revision 8 (r8).

Android module developers wishing to target Titanium Mobile 2.0.2 should upgrade to the latest NDK, available from the following link:

Android Fixes and Enhancements

The following sections list new features and notable bug fixes for the Android platform.

New Feature

Bug Fixes

For a complete list of Android fixes in this release, see: Fixed Android Issues in JIRA.

iOS Fixes and Enhancements

The following section lists notable bug fixes in for the iOS platform.

Bug Fixes

For a complete list of iOS fixes in this release, see: Fixed iOS Issues in JIRA.

Ti.Cloud and Ti.CloudPush Module Fixes

This release includes new versions of the and ti.cloudpush modules. The new modules are both versioned 2.0.5. If you are using these modules and you specify a version number in your tiapp.xml file, you must update to the version number to 2.0.5 or remove the version number. If you don't specify a version number for the module, the latest version is used automatically.

The updated modules provide fixes for the following issues:

Documentation Updates

This release includes several fixes to the documentation site, including:

The following are known issues with the documentation site:

This release includes a number of documentation fixes and updates. For a complete list, see: Fixed Documentation Issues in JIRA.