Release Notes

Titanium SDK 3.2.2 General Availability - 03/10/2014


About This Release

Titanium SDK Release 3.2.2 is a service pack release of the Titanium SDK, addressing high-priority issues in previous releases.

Notable fixed issues include support to launch the iOS simulator with Xcode 5.1 and addressing a breaking change introduced by Android build-tools v19.0.3.

There are no updates to the other Titanium components: Alloy, Studio or the CLI. Use the current GA versions: Alloy 1.3.1, Studio 3.2.1 and CLI 3.2.1.

Android SDK Tools v22.6 and Build-tools v19.0.3

If you upgrade your Android build-tools to version 19.0.3, you need to build your Android applications using Titanium SDK 3.2.2 or greater. You must also set your Titanium CLI to use Titanium SDK 3.2.2.GA with the titanium sdk select command. For example, once you have Release 3.2.2 GA installed, run the following command:

titanium sdk select 3.2.2.GA

We recommend holding off installing Android SDK tools v22.6. There is a known issue that the android command-line tool cannot create an Android virtual device (emulator) (Android Issue #66740). Because of this issue, Studio cannot create an Android emulator.

iOS 7.1 Support

This release includes support for iOS 7.1 and Xcode 5.1. While performing a complete testing pass against Release 3.2.2, the following issue was discovered:

Due to changes in the internal mechanisms of how Xcode launches simulators, upgrading to Xcode 5.1 will cause problems with versions of the Titanium SDK prior to 3.2.2. If you want to continue to use older versions of the Titanium SDK, either choose not to update Xcode or follow the workaround as noted in TIMOB-16613.

Fixed Issues and Enhancements

Full list of Issues that were addressed in Release 3.2.2

API Changes

No APIs were modified for this release.