Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution Documentation

The Appcelerator Platform includes SDKs, services and tools for creating, testing, and managing your mobile and cloud applications
Overview | Guide | Native SDKs | Go to the Docs

Axway Appcelerator Studio

Eclipse-based IDE to rapidly build, test, package, and publish mobile apps
Setup Guide | Titanium Development | App Preview | Release Notes

Appcelerator CLI

Command-line tools to develop and publish mobile and cloud applications
Getting Started | Release Notes

AMPLIFY Dashboard

Monitor and manage your mobile and cloud applications
Introduction | Release Notes

Axway Mobile Analytics: Usage

Track your applications' user adoption and engagement to help understand how your application is used
Getting Started | Architecture | Android SDK | iOS SDK

Axway API Builder

Build and deploy new API endpoints for consumption by any client application
Getting Started | Release Notes

AMPLIFY Runtime Services

Host applications built with API Builder and pre-built services, including ArrowDB (schema-less data objects) and push notifications
AMPLIFY Runtime Services Docs | Release Notes

Mobile Backend Services

Mobile Backend Services provides pre-built, automatically-scaled network services, and data objects for your client applications
Mobile Backend Services | Release Notes

Axway Alloy

MVC framework to facilitate the rapid development of high quality mobile applications
Getting Started | Samples | Release Notes

Axway Titanium SDK

Develop native, hybrid and mobile applications from a single code base
Getting Started | API Docs | Cross-Platform Development | Module Development | Release Notes

AMPLIFY Crash Analytics

Monitor your application's crashes to help diagnose issues
Getting Started | Module Documentation

Axway Mobile Analytics: Query Builder

Query Builder feature assists you in creating queries against the analytics data collected from your mobile application
Building Queries (tech preview)