Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution Documentation

The Appcelerator Platform includes SDKs, services and tools for creating, testing, and managing your mobile and cloud applications
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Axway Appcelerator Studio

Eclipse-based IDE to rapidly build, test, package, and publish mobile apps
Setup Guide | Titanium Development | App Preview | Release Notes

Appcelerator CLI

Command-line tools to develop and publish mobile and cloud applications
Getting Started | Release Notes

Axway Appcelerator Dashboard

Monitor and manage your mobile and cloud applications
Introduction | Release Notes

Axway Mobile Analytics: Usage

Track your applications' user adoption and engagement to help understand how your application is used
Getting Started | Architecture | Android SDK | iOS SDK

Axway API Builder

Build and deploy new API endpoints for consumption by any client application
Getting Started | Release Notes

API Runtime Services

Host applications built with API Builder and pre-built services, including ArrowDB (schema-less data objects) and push notifications
API Runtime Services Docs | Release Notes |

Mobile Backend Services

Mobile Backend Services provides pre-built, automatically-scaled network services, and data objects for your client applications
Mobile Backend Services | Release Notes

Axway Alloy

MVC framework to facilitate the rapid development of high quality mobile applications
Getting Started | Samples | Release Notes

Axway Titanium SDK

Develop native, hybrid and mobile applications from a single code base
Getting Started | API Docs | Cross-Platform Development | Module Development | Release Notes

Axway Mobile Analytics: Performance Management

Monitor your application's health, crashes and overall performance to help diagnose issues live
Getting Started | Android SDK | iOS SDK

Axway Mobile Analytics: Query Builder

Query Builder feature assists you in creating queries against the analytics data collected from your mobile application
Building Queries (tech preview)

Axway App Test

Integrated automated functional testing for your application allowing developers and testers to collaborate on testing
Getting Started | Best Practices | CLI Reference