Release Notes

Titanium SDK 3.1.1 - 06/17/2013


About This Release

Titanium SDK Release 3.1.1 is a service pack release of the Titanium SDK, addressing high-priority issues in previous releases.

Installation Notes

Upgrading Pre-GA npm Packages

If you previously installed the Release Candidate versions of the Titanium CLI and Alloy, you need to first uninstall these components before installing or updating to 3.1.1.GA.

To check the current versions run the following commands:

npm list -g titanium
npm list -g alloy

If either package has a version number ending in -alpha, -beta, or -cr, you should uninstall the package manually before installing 3.1.1.GA.

To uninstall these packages:

npm remove -g titanium
npm remove -g alloy

Note: You may need to use sudo before these terminal commands on OSX and Linux.

If you are using Titanium Studio, these components will be updated if you chose to install additional Titanium updates or from the Help menu, select Check for Titanium Updates.

If you are using the Titainium CLI, you need to reinstall the CLI and Alloy from the terminal:

npm install -g titanium
npm install -g alloy

If you should run into any issues, run npm cache clean and then retry the steps above.

Notice of Breaking Changes in Release 3.1.1

The following changes alter the behavior of the Titanium SDK from previous versions, and may require code changes to run your application on Titanium SDK 3.1.1.

Minimum Supported Android SDK

Starting with this Release, the minimum supported Android SDK is version 2.3.3 or API level 10. To use the Titanium CLI or Studio to build Android applications, you need to have this version installed.

To install the Android 2.3.3 SDK, launch the Android SDK manager and select to install the Android 2.3.3 (API 10) package.

For instructions, refer to the "Installing Android Packages with Android SDK Manager" section of the Installing the Android SDK guide.

Minimum Supported iOS Version

Starting with this Release, the minimum supported iOS version is 5.x, which requires Xcode 4.3 and later. When building iOS applications with the Titanium CLI or Studio, you need to target iOS version 5.x and later.

Minimum Supported Tizen SDK

Starting with this Release, the minimum supported Tizen SDK version is 2.1. Due to security architecture changes with the Tizen platform, you are required to create and add an author certificate.

For instructions, refer to the Install the Tizen SDK guide and review the "Create an Author Certificate", "Register an Author Certificate" and "Configuring Studio" sections.

Android Calendar Namespace Change

As of this Release, the Titanium.Android.Calendar namespace moved to the Titanium.Calendar namespace. Any API calls using the Titanium.Android.Calendar namespace need to now reference the Titanium.Calendar namespace.

Android Camera Behavior Change

Previously, when taking a picture using the Titanium.Media.showCamera method, a copy of the picture would automatically be saved to the Android device's photo gallery, ignoring the setting of the saveToPhotoGallery property.

As of this Release, this unsupported behavior has been removed. To save a copy of the picture to the device's photo gallery, you need to set the saveToPhotoGallery property to true.

iOS Map Behavior Change

On the iOS platform, the region property can only be set after the Map View has been rendered. To ensure that the map region is updated, wait for the Map View's complete event.

ACS URL Endpoints

As of this Release, in the tiapp.xml file, the protocol needs to be specified as part of the URL, for the acs-base-url and acs-authbase-url properties, that is, http:// or https:// needs to be added to the beginning of the URL. Previously, you did not need to specify the protocol and used the Cloud.useSecure property, which is removed, to enable or disable SSL.

For more information, see the "tiapp.xml Properties" section in Titanium.Cloud.

New Features

BlackBerry Support

Support for the BlackBerry platform is now part of the Titanium SDK and no longer requires a separate download of a specially-built SDK. BlackBerry for Titanium is currently a Beta Release.

Google Maps v2 API Additions

In this Release, the following API elements were added to the Android Google Maps v2 module:

Known Issues

Google Maps in Modal Windows

If you add a map created with the Google Maps v2 module to a modal window, it appears blurry on devices running Android 2.3.x and black on Android 3.x and 4.0.x. (TIMOB-13991).

Node.ACS Debugger

The Studio Node.ACS debugger does not catch breakpoints when a debug session first starts. (TISTUD-4932).

Fixed Issues and Enhancements

API Changes

This section lists new APIs, deprecated APIs, and APIs that have been removed from the SDK.

New APIs

The following APIs are new or have expanded platform support in Release 3.1.1.


The Calendar module provides an API for accessing the native calendar functionality. (Added support for Android.)


An object that represents a single alert for an event in an calendar. (Added support for Android.)


An object that represents a single calendar. (Added support for Android.)


An object that represents a single event in a calendar. (Added support for Android.)


An object that represents a single reminder for an event in a calendar. (New API, supported on Android.)

Deprecated APIs

The following APIs are deprecated in Release 3.1.1.

Titanium.Android.CalendarmoduleUse Titanium.Calendar instead.
Titanium.Android.Calendar.AlertobjectUse Titanium.Calendar.Alert instead.
Titanium.Android.Calendar.CalendarobjectUse Titanium.Calendar.Calendar instead.
Titanium.Android.Calendar.EventobjectUse Titanium.Calendar.Event instead.
Titanium.Android.Calendar.ReminderobjectUse Titanium.Calendar.Reminder instead.

Removed APIs

The following APIs are removed in Release 3.1.1.

Titanium.Cloud.useSecurepropertySet the acs-base-url and acs-authbase-url properties in the tiapp.xml file using a HTTP or HTTPS URL to disable or enable SSL, respectively.